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Our Students are #1 with us!

Our licensing school’s core purpose is to give the student all the tools necessary to pass the Real Estate exams. We encourage questions, we permit a student to enter our class at any time during the term. If a student does not pass the exam or is not ready to take it, they are welcome to come back to class for the next session to repeat the portion that will serve as a review for them at no extra cost. Students are able to attend any and all classes being held in different locations at different times during the term. Included in our course cost is the review portion. We care about our students and go the extra mile for them.

Of primary importance to us is to encourage, facilitate, and recognize the highest standards of professionalism in the practice of real estate and to ensure our students remain vital to the transfer of real property. To promote professionalism, administer meaningful & impartial business standards and to provide cost-effective services and educational programs that benefit the real estate industry.

Through the use of its informational and other resources, the Barry Brokerage/Management & School of Real Estate provides a vital link between the consumer/broker and the real estate network. We are recognized as the ultimate expert and source of information about real estate-related issues and topics.

The Difference
What you get from the program at Barry School of Real Estate our schools’ specials - just for you!


Social Hour with great networking. We offer various social functions. IE wine and cheese. Appetizers and drinks, lunch and learn....


We offer 3 Real Estate books that we use in class. Allowing you more information for study and they are great resource material once you have your license.


We believe that the information contained on this site to be up-to-date and accurate.
If you find something that requires attention, please CONTACT US. Thank-you for understanding!