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Course Description:
This course is for students preparing for a career in real estate. We cover topics that a student is expected to know to become familiar with in order to pass the real estate exam, obtain a real estate license, and begin working as a real estate agent. This includes a wide range of fundamental concepts, legal rules and industry practices.

The real estate industry is a large and influential sector of the U.S. economy employing millions of people nationwide. It includes not only real estate brokers and agents, but also property managers, relocation specialists, real estate investment counselors, real estate appraisers, home inspectors, title company employees, escrow agents, and real estate developers. The real estate industry is closely allied with the construction industry, an also with the mortgage industry - the financial institutions, private companies, and other investors that provide financing to real estate owners, developers and buyers.

Hundreds of people go through our program each year!

Intended Audience:
Real estate salespeople, brokers, investors, property managers. Those selling or buying for their own personal reasons.

Credentials Earned:
Accredited by NHREC for 40-hours pre-licensing course. Need this in order to test to become a salesperson in NH.

Can be used as 40 of the hours required to obtain the NH Broker's license.

Course Exam:
There is an exam administered by the testing company that has two parts. Each part must obtain a minimum grade of 70% to pass.

We offer 10 classes of four-hour duration each. Upon completion of the 40 hours you receive an affidavit that must be turned in with application to test. Our classes are offered mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends. You may pick and choose which classes work for you and take them in any order until you have completed the ten classes.

What Sets Us Apart:
The MOST FLEXIBLE course in New Hampshire. We offer extreme flexibility. You pick the classes you will attend and finish when you have completed the 10-class program. We have optional sudy materials and as well as books that no other School has!

Course Days/Times:
Mondays 12-4pm
Tuesdays 10-2 and/or 5:30-9:30pm
Wednesdays10-2 and/or 5:30-9:30pm
Thursdays 12:30-4:30 and/or 5:30-9:30pm
Saturdays 8:30-12:30 and/or 1-5pm


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